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Bitubo WMEo Adjustable Dyna, Sportster, FXR Coil Suspension


SKU: 783114S

Available in Black or Chrome

All Dyna, Sportster, and FXR

Adjustable features include:

Spring preload (manual)
Hydraulic rebound 
  • Significantly increased riding comfort and adjustability
  • Alloyed steel main shock body with chrome finish
  • Springs manufactured from Cr-Si alloyed steel (chrome)
  • Silver anodized CNC machined billet aluminium head
  • Manual spring preload adjustment system (tool included)
  • Nitrogen pressurized coaxial chamber with oil/gas aluminum piston
  • Includes set-up manual, install instructions, and adjustment tool
Spring Rate Applications:


Bagger with rider, passenger, and gear less than 500 lb. (227 kg)

Heavy Duty:
Bagger with rider, passenger, and gear over 500 lb. (227 kg)


Technical Features:

These monotube shocks only use a single outer tube. The oil and gas are separated by a free floating piston which puts the oil on the top and Nitrogen gas on the bottom shock body in high resistance alloy steel with a CNC machined billet aluminum head.

The monotube shock design contains a larger active piston surface area, which means greater and more consistent damping force.

  • Lower operating pressure leads to more consistent and controlled rides.
  • Other benefits include increased oil capacity, improved heat dissipation, and longevity.
  • The free-floating piston valve never allows oil and gas to mix thus minimizes foaming. The overall effect is that monotubes offer better and more precise damping.
  • Monotubes are more durable; require minimal maintenance and the cost in the long run is much lower.