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Flo Motorsports Adjustable Shift Lever for Harley Davidson


SKU: 122-8205


  • Machined from 6061 T6 Highly durable and light weight alloy.
  • Kit includes pedal arm and tip
  • Tip can be adjusted to 3 different lengths

Will NOT fit FXDLS Models or Models with Forward Controls

Flo Motorsports foot pegs are some of the strongest pegs available on the market. As of 2019 our Foot pegs were rated #1 foot pegs to buy. Recently VitalMx had collected surveys from over 7,500 individuals from various walks of life, different interests within the sport of moto and from locations all over the world on what they love and hate within the industry by casting a vote. Flo Motorsports Foot Pegs Ranked #1 among's the other footpeg manufactures

We use top-quality German Grade Forged 7075 T6 Alloy that is a high strength true ‘aircraft’ aluminum alloy.  It’s typical yield strength (73 KSI in the T6 condition) is comparable to certain steels giving the alloy a remarkably high strength-to-weight ratio.  In fact, it’s worth noting that its specific strength is comparable to that of 6Al-4V Grade 5 Titanium. 7075 is roughly 2-3 times more expensive than 6061. For this reason, it is not as commonly used.

Foot pegs are possibly the most over looked parts on a bike but one of the most important parts. No matter how much power your bike makes, it means nothing if there is no control of the bike. You probably haven't given much consideration to your footpegs before, but most all professional AMA supercross, motocross  and off-road riders go with aftermarket footpegs for a wider platform, more grip and overall control of the bike.