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Öhlins S36 Blackline Twin Piggyback Shocks for Dyna 1991-2017


SKU: HD 763

The classic monotube designs of Öhlins STX36P that deliver top notch ride comfort and performance for your Dyna are now available in Black. Piggyback gas pressurized system, depending on application, can be specified with a choice of damping adjustment options, with or without length adjustment. Designed for Harley-Davidson and custom bike twin shock applications.
  • Single tube design
  • 36mm piston diameter
  • Shock absorber with external piggy back reservoir
  • Adjustable rebound dampening
  • Adjustable compression dampening 
  • Adjustable sag/preload
  • Adjustable length

12" Length Adjustment - (+0.4 inches)
12" Stroke - 2.7 inches

13.2" Length Adjustment  -(+0.4 inches)
13.2" Stroke - 3.5 inches

Type code: S36PR1C1L

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  Before purchasing or attempting to install shocks that are different than the OEM length, confirm that your wheel travel can be altered without causing clearance issues, such as swingarm/axle to exhaust contact as well as chain/belt guard or tire contact.