March 16, 2024 3 min read

At Rogue Rider Industries, we understand the nature of Choosing the Right LED Turn Signals for Your Motorcycle is paramount - with every component playing its vital part - from turn signals to brake lights and more. LED turn signals have quickly become popular choices among riders looking for increased visibility with personalization; but, sometimes all these options can seem confusing!

This blog post seeks to equip you with all of the knowledge required for selecting LED turn signals suitable for use on motorcycles and help select an apt pair!

Why opt for LED turn signals?

Traditional incandescent bulbs, while functional, have numerous drawbacks:

  • Reduced Visibility:Incandescent bulbs produce dim light that makes you less visible to other motorists during daylight. This makes it easier for other drivers to pass.
  • Shorter Lifespan: Incandescent bulbs typically only last a fraction of time in comparison with LEDs, necessitating frequent replacement.
  • Increased Power Consumption: They use up more of your battery's charge during long rides or with extra electrical accessories connected. This poses potential concerns during longer journeys and when operating additional electronic accessories.

LED turn signals address these challenges and offer many advantages:

  • Superior Brightness:LEDs emit significantly brighter lighting, providing increased visibility on the road even during bright sunlight - giving added peace and safety to drivers on your journeys.
  • Longevity and Reduced Power Consumption: LEDs offer a much longer lifespan than their counterparts, providing years of worry-free lighting and consuming significantly less power, alleviating battery strain.
  • Faster Turn Signal Response: They offer faster on/off times for their turn signals, providing sharper and more noticeable signals to other drivers.
  • Customization Options:LED turn signals come in various styles, colors, and configurations so you can add personal flair to the appearance of your motorcycle.

Selecting LED Turn Signals: Key Considerations

Now that the advantages of LED turn signals have convinced you, let's discuss some key considerations when Choosing the Right LED Turn Signals for Your Motorcycle:

1. Compatible Turn Signals 

  • Motorcycle Make & Model:Rogue Rider Industries offers an expansive selection of Harley LED turn signals and other motorcycle-specific solutions that may meet this criteria.
  • Mounting Style:When considering which mounting style best complements your existing turn signals - stalk-mount, flush mount, or integrated with handguards/fairings, ensure a seamless installation experience by selecting compatible styles that correspond.

2. Brightness and Visibility

  • Lumens: Before purchasing LED turn signals with high lumen ratings for optimal visibility during nighttime or low light conditions.
  • Beam Pattern: Carefully consider the beam pattern of LEDs when selecting an optimal pattern that meets both your riding style and ensures visibility from all directions.

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    3. Additional Features

    • Running Lights: Some LED turn signals feature integrated running lights for increased visibility even when not signaling a turn.
    • Sequential Turn Signals: Go for an updated display by opting for sequential turn signals where LEDs illuminate sequentially to signal your turn. 
    • Load Equalizer:If your motorcycle's flasher relay isn't equipped to deal with LEDs, consider installing a load equalizer to maintain the correct flash rate and maintain their functionality.

      Rogue Rider Industries -  Shine Bright and Ride Safely!

      Choosing the Right LED Turn Signals for Your Motorcycle can drastically enhance the visibility and safety of your motorcycle ride, creating an enjoyable riding experience that meets both of these objectives. By considering all the aspects addressed herein, you will be well-equipped to select LEDs tailored specifically to meet your requirements and preferences.

      At Rogue Rider Industries, our mission is to deliver top-quality motorcycle parts and accessories. Browse our diverse online collection or visit one of our retail locations to find LED turn signals suited for your ride - but remember, shine bright, and ride safely!