March 05, 2024 3 min read

Rogue Rider Industries prioritizes safe and enjoyable riding experiences through motorcycle maintenance practices that promote optimal headlight performance. Here, we will discuss LED Motorcycle Headlight Aiming Instructions to enable responsible users of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Why Proper Headlight Aiming Matters?

Headlights are of prime importance for keeping the visibility on the road available to other drivers and yourself. The headlight of a correctly aligned bike becomes able to offer the light in the direction it should without causing blinding in oncoming traffic which will be important during night rides or low visibility conditions.

Misaligning headlights is a significant safety risk. Lights aimed too low can leave you in darkness, diminishing your ability to spot potential dangers along the road. At the same time, those directed too high could create dangerous glare for oncoming drivers causing temporary blindness or distraction.

Tools & Preparation for Successful LED Implementation 

Before aiming for your Harley Davidson Motorcycle LED Headlights, make sure you gather the following tools. 

  • Tape or marking tool: Used for marking the wall/surface with lines used as targets for aiming.
  • Tape measure: Accurate measurement of distance.
  • Screwdriver: Depending on the adjustment mechanism of your motorcycle, specifics on this may differ; consult your owner's manual for specifics.
  • Additionally, adding a laser level may improve aiming accuracy.

Prep Work

  • Consult Your Owner’s Manual:Consult Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle's Owner Manual To Receive Specific Instruction
  • Location of Headlight Adjustment Screws: Different models might feature different layouts of headlamp adjustment screws.
  • Keep Your Motorcycle Leveled Up: When parking your bike on level ground, ensure the front wheel points toward a wall or flat surface approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters away.
  • Simulate Riding Weight: If your usual riding conditions include additional passengers or cargo, add weight to the motorcycle to recreate its usual state. 

LED Headlight Aiming Procedure

  • Turn On Headlights: Set the headlight switch to a low beam position. 
  • Measure and Mark Walls: Take measurements from ground to center of the motorcycle headlight, mark this height on any wall used as the target surface, then draw a horizontal line across the wall at this marked point to aim your motorcycle accurately.
  • Find Your Headlight Adjustments: For assistance identifying where the adjustment screws for headlights can be found, referring to your owner's manual may help locate them near the housing - these controls typically control vertical and horizontal adjustments of headlights.
  • Vertical Adjustment: Most often, turning the adjustment screw clockwise will lower the headlight beam intensity while turning it counter-clockwise will raise it.
  • Adjust the low beam: By following your marked line on the wall, use vertical screw adjustment so the low beam pattern falls slightly beneath it - this ensures your light illuminates effectively without blinding oncoming traffic.
  • Horizontal Adjustment (if available): Some motorcycles feature a separate screw for horizontal adjustments; use this screw to ensure the center of your beam aligns directly in front of your motorcycle.
  • Repeat for high beam (if applicable): If your motorcycle features separate high beams, switch them on by turning the headlight switch from low beam to high beam mode and following steps 4-6 for each beam separately, ensuring they overlap slightly more than before.
  • Pro Tip: It is wise to recheck aiming from an extended distance (approx. 100 feet or 30 meters), to ensure proper illumination without excessive glare.

    Additional Considerations and Troubleshooting

    How To Adjust Your Motorcycle Headlight? - Please keep in mind that while this blog post provides general instructions on Harley Davidson LED Headlights Installation, specific aiming procedures might differ depending on the model of the motorcycle you own. Always refer back to your Harley-Davidson owner's manual for up-to-date and accurate details regarding its headlight adjustment mechanism as well as any necessary safety precautions.


    • Uneven Beam Pattern: If the beam pattern seems irregular even after adjustments have been made, seek professional assistance from an experienced mechanic to ensure proper headlight alignment and rule out potential hardware issues.
    • Accessing Adjustment Screws:Accessing adjustment screws may require dismantling specific motorcycle components such as fairings or headlight bezels to gain access to them; for assistance please refer to your owner's manual or consult a mechanic as necessary. 

    Ride Safe with Rogue Rider Industries

    Rogue Rider Industries remains dedicated to equipping riders with LED Motorcycle Headlight Aiming Instructions and all the knowledge and resources required for safe and enjoyable motorcycling experiences. You are encouraged to browse our site for our selection of high-quality parts and accessories designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles - we even carry LED headlights! Travel safely!